Our Mission

Bring products to our community that inspire charity and empower young adults on the autistic spectrum to find a place and purpose.

Our Values

GiveGood believes that our enterprise has a corporate obligation for both economic profitability and social purpose. By placing equal importance on both of these missions, GiveGood creates sustainable solutions that ensure the achievement of both goals. We have chosen to charter ourselves as a Tennessee Benefit-Corp (B-Corp) that mandates that we submit to rigorous standards of accreditation that monitor social performance, accountability, and transparency, as well as the traditional financial standards. By aligning ourselves with the B-Corp movement, we seek to inspire other enterprises in our communities. We believe in the linked prosperity, in which all stakeholders connected to our business should prosper as we prosper, from those who produce the ingredients, to employees who make the product, to the communities in which the company operates.


Our Purpose

GiveGood believes that we have an opportunity to change the lives of young adults on the autistic spectrum. By employing and training these young adults, we can empower them to find a place and purpose in their community. While these young men and women often face inferior job opportunities or obstacles in many workforce environments, they have the skill sets and abilities to flourish in settings that are specially created for their success. We intend to be the advocates of their abilities and humanity.