Dear people of the internet,


Welcome to our new website! As a company founded upon change and improvement, we are excited to announce its launch.


So, you might ask, “Why did we do it?” The answer is very simple: we wanted to create a more engaging consumer experience, informing people of why we are here, what we do, and how they can support us. Additionally, as a benefit corporation, we want to ensure transparency in all that we do.


Through this site you can meet our employees, management, board of directors; you can check out where to find us in retail stores or buy directly online; you can see mission and culture components that drive our everyday actions.


We wanted to show the world that we are very intentional in being a for-profit company. To enforce our idea of empowerment, we believe the most impactful mechanism is to employ individuals on the autism spectrum at GiveGood, so we can provide a safe environment which allows them to excel to their fullest potential. Our new website does a great job of showing this.


Check it out and tell us what you think. As always, we appreciate your support of our employees and our products. Live Empowered.



The GiveGood Team

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