“To the forces behind the light that make it shine throughout the day,

To the makers of this website, who give it that blissful ray,

Of light, empowered, that’s what beats in our heartstrings, fly

To the moon, the stars, and remember your mark in the sky.”

– Nicole Mansour, Intern Coordinator


“I have the dream team of interns.”

– David Dunavant, CEO


At GiveGood, we express ourselves. This raw authenticity of emotion takes form in innovation, support, problem-solving, and the occasional cheese (as seen above). GiveGood’s Five “I’s” – Inspiration, Intention, Inclusion, Integrity, and Impact – drive our actions everyday, whether it is brainstorming the next newsletter, editing the website, interacting at work sessions, or promoting our products at pop-up events. This is our culture; this is our fam.


Yet, culture is only as good as the people that embrace it. Our interns not only embrace it, but use it to enforce the idea of empowerment, making their mark on GiveGood eternal. They deserve recognition for the tireless work that they do with enthusiasm and drive, so we thought we would share their stories with you:

Jordan Richardson

Marketing Intern 

Bio: Jordan is a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis, studying Linguistics and on a pre-med track (tackling the best of both worlds). As a wordsmith and creative thinker, she leads our newsletter production, social media posts, and content on the website. I dare you to read our product descriptions and tell me you don’t want to try some.

Favorite GiveGood memory: “At one of the work sessions with our young adults, Alexandria and I bonded, and linked arms on our way outside. Eventually when we were walking back inside, Alexandria had her arm out, ready to go. It touched my heart that she was so willing to make me feel welcome at GiveGood. I knew it was the start of a new friendship, a new family.”

Weird fact: She is obsessed with zodiac signs and the word “aesthetic.”

Jason Crawford

Sales Intern 

Bio: Jason is a senior at Texas Tech, studying Finance, History, and Management Information Systems (what even…). As a younger version of John Mulaney (the comedian), his sense of humor will keep you on your toes and have you in laughing fits. Originally hired for only sales, Jason’s role pivoted to casually creating this entire website from scratch.

Favorite GiveGood memory: “David didn’t tell us it was his birthday until way later, so we surprised him with a bunch of sticky notes with our favorite memories of him, a hand-made card, and a cake. I also made him a rendition of the ‘Creation of Man’ painting with his face and his entrepreneurial idol, Blake Mycoskie. I feel like he almost cried.”

Weird fact: He had to get a root canal at 11 years old due to a freak dodgeball accident.

Alex East

Fulfillment Intern 

Bio: Alex is a junior at Mississippi State University, studying Accounting and Finance (icing on the cake!). We affectionately call him “Yeast” because he rises under pressure, balancing our Quickbooks, setting up our e-commerce platform, and creating our inventory accountability mechanism (no biggie).

Favorite GiveGood memory: “At one of our pop-up events, we were handing out free samples of our new all-natural GiveGood Bar when this lady approached Nicole and me. When we offered her a free sample, she casually responded, ‘No thanks, I only eat unhealthy foods.’ I responded, ‘I understand, there’s nothing wrong with that!’ after which she laughed and walked away. I immediately turned to Nicole and we both simultaneously said, ‘There’s many things wrong with that.'”

Weird fact: In second grade, he spent Christmas Eve in the ER after sledding face-first into a fire hydrant.

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