GiveGood’s Thanksgiving Wish

If our days could be filled with small rebellions

Senseless, brutal acts of kindness from us all

— “Small Rebellions” by Jars of Clay

GiveGood wishes all of our friends a Happy Thanksgiving! We believe that our deepest and most meaningful Thanksgivings arise out of the heartfelt sense of our personal gratitude. For it is our recognition of the people who have played significant and powerful roles in our lives that spur us to be bearers of charity and hope to others. The first part of our mission statement expresses our desire to inspire charitable acts in our community.  We now live in a time where we can easily be misconstrued to believe that divisions and resentment rule our days. It is so difficult to turn on a television or read a newspaper and find hope. However, GiveGood believes that what separates our communities are pale when compared to all of the important things that we share.  Our collective and similar journeys, rooted from underlying human truths of wanting to connect with others and make a positive impact on each other’s lives, often are what can bring us together.  So we want to spread hope by proclaiming that if we all show kindness to others, our world can change.

While GiveGood is not a charity, we seek to be charitable.  We are a for-profit and for-purpose employer of young adults on the autistic spectrum.  We believe that these young people have great talents and skill sets, and we want to give them an opportunity to find their place and purpose within Memphis.  By doing so,, we hope to inspire charitable actions in others. 

So during this wonderful Thanksgiving week, remember with gratitude those who have shaped your lives and translate that positive energy to being the bearer of hope to those around you.  In the Jars of Clay song “Small Rebellions,” we are challenged to display “brutal acts of kindness” that possibly will convey that we find value in our fellow citizens and that we are all in this together.  Happy Thanksgiving from GiveGood!


We have just unveiled our new website.  It now will offer an e-commerce feature, as well as allowing GiveGood to spread the word on our mission.  Please check it out at, and if you haven’t done so, give us your email address, and we will keep you up-to-date on our happenings.


In our short history, GiveGood has been overwhelmed with both your support as well as your stories.  It is refreshing to see so many acts of kindness that are shown by people in our community.  Recently, I had the chance to talk to a young woman who has a passion for both the theatre and youth on the autistic spectrum.  So what does she do?  She works to involve these youth in the theatre.  And guess what?  She has discovered that many of these youth have natural born acting skills!

I heard another inspiring story.  There is a young woman who is an advanced equestrian.  She also has a heart for those on the autistic spectrum, and she works to teach them the skills to enjoy horseback riding.  She clearly recognizes with gratitude those who have shaped her life, and she responds by carrying ideas of charity forward!

If you have a story that you would like to share, please send it to us at  We take great pleasure and inspiration hearing the things that you are doing to make a difference in our communities.  Either small or large, let’s be filled with rebellious acts of kindness toward others in our community.

Happy Thanksgiving from GiveGood!

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