‘Tis the season of the re-gifters!

It’s that time of the year. It began about two weeks ago, sometime between the last carving of the turkey and the first pouring of eggnog. Out of an 11-month hibernation, they started appearing. At first their numbers were sparse. But day-by-day, their legions are expanding. You may not see them. You may not even be aware of them. They are hidden, right before your very eyes. They are usually very quiet, not wanting to draw any attention to themselves. They are crafty, and they are sly. They have to be, for their survival, for they are the Re-Gifters.

It’s been a tough 7-years for these people whose creativity was exposed on Seinfield’s famous episode “The Label Maker.” Once, they operated without interference, but after this television episode, everyone was warned that if anyone dared to recycle their Label Baby Junior label maker, we all were on the watch.

We at GiveGood, though, are on a mission. We proudly support re-gifting. It makes great sense to us. After all, GiveGood is the beneficiary of the talents and gifts of our employees who are young adults on the autism spectrum. Often these talents and gifts are unused and unseen. They remain hidden, because these young adults don’t have a platform to show the world their abilities. GiveGood is changing this! We are building a company that is dedicated to giving them an environment, in which they can excel. While we are barely 2-months old, we are already seeing them soar. They are re-gifting their talents.

Maybe that’s why we are so excited about our holiday gift box. We think it is clever and revolutionary. While many specialty food gift boxes will be filled with wonderful treats that encourage the recipient to open, devour, and enjoy, our gift box encourages you to re-gift our toffee. We purposely decided to enclose 6 of our packaged retail boxes within a larger, specially designed package. When you receive our gift box, we hope that opening our interactive package will be as enjoyable as eating our delicious dark chocolate almond toffee. Whether you choose to re-gift one or six of our treats, we are excited that our gift can possibly touch many different hands.

If you are interested, go to www.givegoodco.com and order a gift box from our shop. By the way, if you are not a toffee lover, we understand and have another idea to support our mission to support re-gifting. One of GiveGood’s wonderful retailers had an idea of her own. She said, “Wouldn’t it be great if a person could take one of his or her treasured possessions, wrap it, and then give it to another person, during the holidays.” What a wonderful idea, taking something very personal that we own and giving it to someone else. Now that’s what GiveGood is all about.

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