Welcome to GiveGood! We are a new company based in Memphis, Tennessee, dedicated to bringing you products that empower young adults on the autistic spectrum. We are offering new solutions that meet the huge needs today.

We just wrapped up our first official sales launch this past weekend at a holiday shopping event. Offering our new product lines, a dark chocolate almond toffee and apparel that feature our logo, we had little idea of what type of response we would receive from shoppers. We came into the event believing we had a great toffee bar, thanks to our wonderful partners at Dinstuhl’s Fine Candy, and an engaging retro logo that would appeal to shoppers who wanted to make a fashion statement. But, the excitement over our mission exceeded any expectations and, frankly, overwhelmed us.

While recently founded in August, the seeds for GiveGood were planted over 20 years ago. I can remember it, as if it were yesterday. My wife and I received a phone call one afternoon from my son’s preschool teacher that changed our lives. Our son, she said, was having significant issues in his classroom, and she urged us to seek immediate help.

We began the diagnostic testing soon thereafter, and the behavioral report indicated that he had Asperger Syndrome, a developmental disorder on the autistic spectrum. We reeled from the news. We knew absolutely nothing about Asperger, as it only had been included in the bible of the psychiatry profession, the DSM, the previous year. Being a new diagnosis without the information and support systems that are present today, we began a journey dedicated to our son’s health.

Today our son has shown remarkable and sometimes miraculous growth over these years. Every milestone he has achieved is especially celebrated, for the distance covered is so extreme. All of the time and energy that have been dedicated towards him has reaped the rewards of many successes. The journey has been long, but it is not yet complete.

We have found that as young men and women on the autistic spectrum approach adulthood, they are often faced with harsh realities. They have aged out of the educational and support systems that they have depended on for so many years, and they face some harsh realities. While their cognitive abilities are superior than most and they have much to offer potential employers, their job prospects are dim. Over 82% of these young adults face unemployment.

We at GiveGood believe that we have an entrepreneurial solution. We are going to build a structure that is unparalleled and is dedicated to supporting the specific needs of the young men and women on the autistic spectrum. With this unique structure, we will provide the framework and support that can insure vocational success.

More importantly, though, than giving them a job is that we are giving them a place and purpose in our community. All of us wish to provide value to those around us. It is empowering to know that we make a difference in each other’s life. Whether we are on the autistic spectrum or we have another trait that individually defines us, it is the diversity and uniqueness of each and every one of us that provides the depth and richness of our community.

So, we at GiveGood are on a mission. We are not shy in asking for your support. We believe that our products are worthy of purchase and our mission worthy of support. Our profitability seeks to support our mission. The more toffee and apparel that we can sell, the more young adults will find a place and a purpose. GiveGood is not a charity, but a means to empower our community. It is our belief that we don’t hire these young adults on the autistic spectrum to bring you our products, but we bring you our products, so that we can hire these young adults. We hope you will join our movement.

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